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Have you always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride, soaring through the sky effortlessly like a bird with no cares in the world? Are you thrilled when you watch a movie and the action hero saves the day by using a flame thrower on the villain? You probably didn’t know it but the hot air balloon and the flame thrower are all powered by gas from propane tanks. Propane tanks supply many of our everyday needs that we basically take for granted.

Some Propane Uses

Every time you go camping you probably use propane tanks to fuel your tent heater, lantern and portable stove. Many campers and recreational vehicles use propane gas for cooking and heating. With a flip of a switch you heat your home with a furnace during the winter months with a propane tank that is installed on your property. Many mobile homes in rural areas are heated by this method and in addition they use propane gas to fuel dryers, water heaters and stoves.

The next time you catch a taxi, bus or a train, you may find that they too have been fueled by propane gas. Often times swimming pools are also heated with propane tanks. The next small retail shop that you visit may be using a propane tank as a fuel source.

Types of Propane Tanks for Sale

There are a variety of sizes of propane tanks for sale available for businesses and residential purposes. Propane tanks can be as small as 20 lb grilling tanks for your barbeque, large residential tanks outside your home or huge underground tanks. Residential and commercial customers with larger tanks save money.

Residential Uses

The more fuel that you can have delivered at one time usually saves you a bit of money with the supplier, whether you are running it for residential purposes or for commercial use. Many propane companies charge a delivery service charge per visit, no matter what quantity of gas is delivered.

The gas requirements for your home or business can be determined with the help of your propane supplier. They will bring their experience to the table to offer suggestions for the amount of fuel that you need based on the square footage of space that you use and the number and types of appliances or equipment that you run with propane. Incidentally, high volume users of propane fuel can receive price discounts with some providers.

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The size requirements for residential properties are usually determined by the climate conditions of the area, because supplying heat for the home is the bulk of propane consumption along with a smaller portion allocated for appliance use. Generally tanks installed for homes are only limited in size by the location of where the tank is positioned on the property and most are installed above ground.

The main factor taken into consideration for the size requirements of industrial and commercial use is the consumption volume. The actual tank size could vary from business to business, depending upon their unique needs.

Propane tanks are sold and can be purchased from local suppliers in every size shape and form. You can locate a local propane dealer in the phone book or on the Internet.

Propane Safety

As with all materials that can potentially be flammable or explosive, propane tanks should be treated with safety in mind at all times. From a residential standpoint, children become the primary focus. They need to be taught by their parents that propane tanks under any circumstances should not be used as a play toy. When the tank is initially installed the pipe lines from the tank to the house should be noted to avoid digging into the lines for future projects.

Propane tanks that are in the vicinity of automobile traffic need to marked by some type of fencing as a visual deterrent. Any propane tanks that may be used at community functions or schools for example, should be properly fenced adhering to safety precaution guidelines.

When searching for propane tanks for sale, keep in mind that they can be dangerous. Check out this video to see just how dangerous they can be:


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