Propane Storage Tanks

Before investing in a propane storage tank, there are some very important facts to consider very beneficial. First of all the professional gas company representative will manage the large tanks being consumed by the home or commercial buildings. What need to be checked first are the identification labels for the name or number of the propane gas company. Once the company information is located the service and records should be for that particular tank in the area. No need to be concerned about propane gas any more than electricity or natural gas once the qualified representative inspects and services the tank. We will begin by touching on some facts about propane storage tanks.

Propane Tank Valves and Types

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Technically, propane tanks are just metal containment holders, for a type of gas which has the properties of alkaline which is compressed and altered into liquid form. There is about 8 types of tanks or configurations and these are used for various household apparatuses in and around the home. Some of the common uses will be along side of grills, water heaters, stoves, generators and welding equipment. There will also be a single use propane tank such as the portable heating torch that is disposable. The more durable refillable tanks will be found serving heating systems and stoves. For cooking grills you have the Acme valve which easily connects without using a wrench. The POL valve is another not being used as often due to lack in full proof safety features. The OPD valve produces more safety characteristics such as an overfill protection device added to cover the larger capacity propane tanks.

Today there are 3 common cylinder types and sizes. The 20-lb cylinder which also includes the 30- and 40-lb are mainly used for RV vehicles or camping and grilling. The 100-lb cylinders, which hold about 23 gallons of propane is used for cooking and heating appliances. Lastly we have the 420-lb so called jug cylinder and is mainly used only for storage and not home use.

Safety and Other Tips

Like we touched on earlier if the propane tank is properly regulated and serviced this product will take care of your needs. So it is to a high degree that only a licensed propane gas service representative should work on the propane tank. There are regulations and codes to oblige by, and the professionals familiar with the propane tank will do the job right.

For the every day common propane tanks such as those for the grill or camping, safe storage will be the responsibility of the user. Make sure to store the cylinders in a well ventilated area away from high traffic. They should be situated in an upright position on flat concrete and away from flammable materials. For cylinders being stored, like on a rack, the relief valve should be in direct correspondence with the vapor space of the tank.

I hope this bit of information will help in some basic understanding of the propane storage tank.

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