Used Propane Tanks

Propane is a by product of processing of petroleum. It is used as a fuel for engines, barbeques and portable stoves. In some cases propane is mixed with butane and used in domestic households as fuel to cook food. In this case an odorant is added to ensure that in case of a gas leak either from the cylinder or from the stove it can be identified and therefore not cause a lot of damage.

Uses of propane

  • It is used in certain cars as a fuel and it has a lot of better qualities when compared to gasoline as it is not as pollutant and also does not damage the vehicles engine.
  • It is used as a fuel in furnaces for the heat it gives when it burns.
  • It is used for cooking in recreational vehicles and campers.
  • In some parts of the world, propane is known as cooking gas, but unlike in North America where the cooking gas is mostly propane with very little butane, due to the low boiling point, warmer countries add more butane to the gas.
  • Propane when combined with some other chemicals can reduce the global warming threat by replacing the chlorofluorocarbons that are used in refrigeration.

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Propane is highly flammable and therefore has to be treated with utmost care. It is heavier that air and therefore settles closer to the ground which also means that it does not disperse but rather collects and an accidental spark can lead to an explosion.

Used propane tanks are the tanks that were used to store propane. They can be reused as they can be refilled with propane gas and this will save you a lot of money as a new propane tank is a lot more expensive. However a tank will only be refilled if it passes inspection as it could be very dangerous to fill a leaky or rusted tank which could not only explode when attached to a stove but also while it is being filled. Make sure that you keep the cylinder upright all the time to avoid exerting pressure on the valve which will increase the chances of leakage.

Things to remember when buying a used propane tank are:

  • First decide the purpose of the tank
  • Decide the size that you will require
  • Look around to see who gives you the best price on the tank and its benefits
  • Make sure that the nozzles that you buy are original, in proper shape and fit the stove or any other appliance properly to avoid any mishaps.
  • Many used old tanks just need a new coat of paint and some minor adjustments to be made to look as good as new and this will save you more money than buying a new one.
  • Make sure that if you are not using an old tank it is disposed of properly as it could still do a lot of damage if it bursts.

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