5 lb Propane Tanks

The 5 pound propane tank is convenient, light weight and portable. It is typically used for camping stoves, outdoor space heaters, portable grills or as a backup for your full size barbecue grill and requires an OPD (overfill protection device). Readily refillable at most hardware stores or from a larger tank with an optional fill kit, this will save you money over the cost of disposable 1 pound canisters. Regulators are typically included and extension hoses and adapters are available at most hardware stores.

Refill kits can be purchased separately that attach to your larger tanks, saving you a trip to the refill station. Average weight of this size tank is approximately 10 pounds, depending on construction materials used. The 5 pound tank holds 1.18 gallons of propane and has an approximate BTU of 107,770.

Hoses, regulators and accessories can be purchased through this website for all your propane equipment needs.

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