Forklift Tanks

Propane fueled forklifts are proven to be the safest and most economical fork lift in the marketplace. Over 80% of the market now uses a propane fueled forklift with some 500,000 at work in manufacturing facilities and warehouses in the USA. The advantages for those companies who decide to use these forklifts range from fuel costs to safety features. Propane tanks require less time to refuel than an electric lift and therefore less man-hour`s are involved in the process.

Propane powered forklifts have less lifetime maintenance than do electric or fossil fuel models. Propane burns cleaner than gas, or diesel engines do. Propane powered lifts have minimal engine deposit issues that contribute to maintenance costs over the life span of the forklift.

Propane costs on average about 7 cents less per hour of use than do electric models adding up over time to a significant savings in fuel costs. All Propane powered lifts have automatic shut off features to insure complete safety in the event of an accident. Furthermore, Propane has an efficiency rating of over 90% giving it higher marks than any other fuel source. One final advantage is that over 90% of the propane used in the USA is produced at home unlike fossil fuels which are imported from other countries.

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