Industrial Propane Tanks

Industrial propane tanks are quite similar in design and size to those found in residential applications. These tanks also come in 500 to 1000 gallon capacity and can be attached in unison to increase storage capacity if needed. Choosing tank size for an application can be easily accessed by supplying your tank retailer with pertinent information about the amount of propane normally used on a weekly basis.

If you are new to the use of propane in your commercial setting tank retailers can also help with tank size based on simple questions and information about the proposed use of propane and assessing usage in that regard. An example would be if the proposed use requires 1,000,000 BTU`s this would equal about 11 gallons of propane. Providing information about the different appliances that us LP gas will help to determine usage and tank sizes required. When selecting a tank for your industrial/ commercial use it is important to tell the retailer any possible future changes in usage to make sure adequate propane vaporization can be assessed.

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