Residential Propane Tanks

Residential propane tanks are used in residential homes where natural gas is either unavailable or extremely limited. The residential propane tank supplies fuel to all the propane appliances in the house through a series of pipes. They are usually installed underground or fixed to the house. These tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Size is one of the biggest factors in determining which residential propane tank to purchase. Once the propane in the tank has been exhausted it must be refilled by the gas provider company.

The size of the tank determines the capacity. The capacity of residential propane tanks can range from 250-1000 gallons. The size of the tank needed depends on the number of propane appliances and people in the home. Water heaters, furnaces, and kitchen stoves can all be propane appliances in a home.

In most areas, propane can be just as energy and cost efficient as other natural gases. The cost of running a home on propane will fluctuate depending on the number of people using the appliances and their ability to conserve energy. Families and individuals that can conserve a reasonable amount of energy can also find a lot of savings in using residential propane tanks.

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Rick Ruback November 21, 2010 at 2:17 pm

I am looking for a home propane tank. I saw one on a home improvement show that was green and saucer shaped. I have an all electrick house and I want to put in a gas (propane) stove in. I have landscaping and want this green saucer shaped propane tank so to blend into my landscaping. Can you help me? Rick Ruback 817-401-5878

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