Tank Clamps

Propane tank clamps and brackets hold propane tanks to a certain object. Tank clamps may secure a propane tank to a wide variety of things. They can fasten the tank to RVs, homes, or just about anywhere. Propane tank clamps will sometimes need to match a bracket or a mounting surface in order to be secured properly. These clamps must fit the tank and bracket or the propane tank may not stay in place. Due to the Flammable properties of propane this can be very dangerous. The propane tank could fall off of an RV while it is stopped or even while it is moving, endangering everyone in the vehicle and others on the road or staying in the campgrounds.

If the propane tank is attached to a house, it could become detached, fall, and even start a house fire. Because of the danger associated with a poor connection between the tank and the mounting surface only great quality clamps and brackets should be purchased and used to fasten and secure propane tanks.

There are many styles and sizes of propane tank clamps. Always make sure that the clamp style and size fit the particular application.

There is no substitution for the right tank clamp.

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Bethany Wetherholt September 17, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Hello, I am looking to get my cost on one universal tank clamp. Thank you!

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