Tank Valves

All propane tanks must have propane valves on them. The propane valve is used to open and close the propane tank. Along with a series of gauges, propane valves allow the user to control the amount of propane that is released from the propane tank. There are several different valves used with propane tanks.

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Every valve has a certain purpose which can be either for safety or performance.

  • The service valve converts liquid gas to a vapor.
  • The vapor relief valve will keep the pressure within safe limits when refilling the tank.
  • The fill valve is attached to a hose that runs to whatever is being used to fill the tank with propane.
  • A relief valve is used to bleed off excess pressure in an emergency.

When purchasing a propane tank valve, always purchase the very best valve available. These valves are vital to the safety of equipment and everyone around or using the equipment. Always make sure all the proper propane tank valves are present and in good working order. Also, be sure that all the valves pass government requirements.

Propane gas in portable tanks is a great source of energy and can even be a luxury. Great propane tank valves make this luxury a safe and usable luxury.

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